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Bikinis & Tanning Info...

Tanning Info & Caveats:

Make no mistake about it - Swimwear.org does NOT recommend or endorse tanning. Having endured the 'fun' of skin cancer removal and seen countless bikinis & tankinis with elastic destroyed by the chemicals in tanning lotions & oils, we are obvious fans of the spray-on and wipe-on tans like
Jan Tana's Golden Sunless Tan and Jan Tana's Face & Body Bronzer. She even has a
Jan Tana Airbrush Tanning System for those who want the ultimate tan!
And remember, sun exposure dries, ages & wrikles the skin...

If, however, you're one of the millions or possibly billions of sun-worshippers worldwide who want to tan in the sun regardless of the dangers, play beach volleyball, or maybe are a boater or waterskier who will be out in the sun regularly anyway, PLEASE do so carefully! After all, we like our bikini & tankini customers happy & healthy! Start your tanning season early, and use a waterproof tanning lotion of SPF15 or higher - SPF30 or higher for you light-skinned blondes! Limit your exposures at first until you have built a solid base tan - DO NOT BURN under any condition if you can help it - the most direct links found between sun exposure & cancer is caused by sun burns, especially in younger people & kids.

Throughout the season, try to avoid the highest UV rays - those between noon & 3pm. Think of this as the perfect time to have lunch and do a little shopping, or that power nap that lets you party late into the evening! (Just remember, no late parties for bikini models working the next day!). Save the tanning oils with little or no sun protection for later in the season, once your skin's natural protection is at it's best from weeks or months of 'safer' tanning. DO NOT let your tanning oils get on your bikinis and tankinis as it will destroy the elastic - and wash off any spills as soon as possible... And remember to re-apply your lotions or creams regularly, and especially after each dip in the pool or lake!

Taking Care of Your Bikinis & Tankinis:

As with any good fashion garment, it is important to take proper care of your bikinis and tankinis. If you do, you'll probably get many years of enjoyment from your bikinis and tankinis and save yourself money in the long run. All of our bikinis and tankinis are made from the highest quality materials and swimwear fabrics. Each suit is designed to strict specifications, to give you quality designer bikinis and tankinis that not only look great, but are durable, long-lasting and comfortable too!!!

Caring For Your Bikinis & Tankinis:

Regardless of the brand of bikinis or tankinis you own, if you follow these simple bikini care instructions you will get lots of wear and enjoyment from all your bikinis and tankinis:
Hand wash your bikinis or tankinis within 1 to 2 hours after wearing them, in cool clean water with a mild liquid hand soap or a very mild detergent.
Wash out suntan oils as soon as possible. Prolonged exposure to suntan oils will damage both the fabric and elastic if not cleaned quickly from your bikinis and tankinis. As much as possible, try to keep the tanning oils & creams off your bikinis & tankinis in the first place!
Wash out all chemicals and chlorine as quickly as possible after wearing your bikinis and tankinis in swimming pools. They can damage your bikinis' & tankinis' fabrics and/or colors.
Rinse out your bikinis & tankinis as soon as possible if they have been exposed to ocean salt water.
It is NOT recommended that you soak, tumble dry, or leave bikinis or tankinis bundled alone or with other items while wet.
Squeeze your bikinis & tankinis very gently and drip dry where possible. An automatic washing machine is NOT recommended. Also, using a dryer is NOT recommended.
While drying, do not expose your bikinis or tankinis to direct sunlight. Long exposure to the sun will fade any colored fabric, and bikinis and tankinis are no exception.
Dry cleaning agents are definitely NOT recommended for your bikinis and tankinis.
Bikinis and tankinis should NOT be worn in Whirlpools or Hot Tubs as damage can result.

Metallic Bikinis Note: Metallic suits are essentially a fashion item and are not meant for aggressive use in pools or hot tubs - keep them for the Beach!

Follow these simple rules for Bikini & Tankini care and they'll continue to
look good, wear well and maybe even last for years!!!

Buying Bikinis is Easy - Call 1-877-932-2183 Toll-Free Today!

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